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tv   Chasing News  FOX  November 24, 2015 1:00am-1:30am EST

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>> now on chasing news. >> the force in his life when his anxiety and ptsd. >> i can give you a half are dirtier and smelly year than their dogs are. >> in high heels on the chase. i feel self-defense is on >> it can be a little intimidating.
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the soccer champion mvp. >> a veteran of the army, served in afghanistan, iraq upon his return in 2014 mike suffered from posttraumatic stress disorder much like many of our wonderful veterans do. >> hypervigilance. they are looking in making sure. >> likelyluckily now we have ways to help veterans cope with ptsd. the service dog.
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prominently displaces duty. hit its peak. amongamong countless other duties, especially when he is feeling along the public. who would've thought that he would run into trouble state side. they headed over to the fortune cookie restaurant and walked up to the service counter were man bluntly stated no dogs. he calmly explained that alice was a service dog to help with his ptsd and provided the man with the federal id card and the id card that lays right inside his best" the american with disabilities act that allows them to be in all public areas. >> he did not want to hear it.
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i have a customer. i'm not a customer? you can wait outside. >> he told me exactly what he was feeling. >> hurt, embarrassed. here i am just trying to make myself normal again, try to be normally go out. >> they have not received an apology from the restaurant. now let people no that this happens. >> they need to be aware that there are laws that protect service animals and they could potentially jeopardize their businesses and denying service. >> governor christie signed what is called dusty's law and 2014 stating if anyone interferes with a service dog duties that it could result in up to a $10,000 fine. i will head to the restaurant and see if i can get an update in person. >> there have been reports of people buying fake vests for their dogs so that they
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>> a service dog has to do at least three duties, duties,duties, licensed and trained rigorously for six months. some people bring in dogs and by fake vests and those are emotional support dogs. those are not part of this law. bill: a question ofa question of whether or not they should be allowed in restaurants of all. >> i can give you a half dozen examples of people are dirtier and smelly or than their dogs. bill: no argument there. >> they want an apology. >> the fortune cookie chinese restaurant and i asked you about the incident. they told told me that they were not aware of the law and the role. they are sorry and actually invited them in for dinner. ifif you have questions or comments, tweet me or the show. bill: "high speed chase", start us off. >> she took to twitter to share her thoughts. all we here is puritanical
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and punitive. is there nothing celebratory contrarian nature of the tweets reminded me of you. >> your hover board is legal in new york city, but no one seems to care. a few of new york's finest. >> in the news that they were making these things illegal. not illegal? >> the devices illegal. no one seems to care. >> white meadowlake behind me. a massive search and rescue effort going on for a mana man who fell out of the canoe early sunday morning at 3:00 a.m., out on a canoe
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the other one is still missing. heremissing. here is what we know at this office. the rockaway township police department was dispatched to this lake after receiving several 911 calls of two men being flipped on a canoe. one was rescued and taken to a local hospital where he was released. i spoke with a local who has lived here for many years. he stopped by the scene. >> the state police was doing an amazing job, and everyone here, it's not a very deep lake. >> he has been out in this lake, fishing on this lake. it is not deep. 10 feet in
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the middle if that and it is a clear lake.a clear lake. you can see straight to the bottom when you are fishing. >> one of the main problems is there is a lot of seaweed. that is one of the issues be as right now it is the 2nd day of this massive search and rescue effort. so far we have heard nothing as to the cause for how soon it will be before they find this man teesix@three in the morning when the cops rescued the 1st guy, was he given a breathalyzer? >> that is exactly the question i asked. this is a local restaurant. the bar is open until 1:00 a.m. beers and at 2:00 o'clock, i got an idea. >> search your recovery? first responders were in the water for 12 hours and stopped because of their own safety concerns. >> the prosecutors have not given us any information,
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today there seems to be three rescue, search and rescuers in the boat out looking. it does not look like the massive effort is being made today. every moment it gets more devastating. bill: let us know, keep us posted. >> as you know, i am always in high heels on the chase. high heels self defense is on the rise. i chased this to cherry hill >> crop my god means contact, self defense. we don't teach sport oriented tournament so the fence but how to get home safe at the end of the day. >> often times women train in self-defense. but they don't realize is
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streets dressed in the nines you may be vulnerable. >> they have to understand how to be able to move in defend themselves. >> high heels of beneficial. >> try to get on the balls of my feet. wearing heels gives you a natural advantage is a you are used to having your heel off the ground. >> can serve as aa weapon of opportunity. >> you can use it as an impact weapon. >> i have taken self-defense, and he is excellent. the idea of needing self-defense can be intimidating, but he does a great job. this is a situation you might be in as a female. >> here is a question. do they teach you how to run in heels? that is one thing that you should no how to do. ii can't run. >> we did not talk about that.
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run. bill: a level of fear and anxiety it is not necessarily connected to reality. most of the attacks on women >> i spoke to lindsay, a student of his crop mcgaugh and says that she has used self-defense in her own life, not on the street but in her own home. >> i was in a domestic violence situation which lasted two to three years. the basics i learned or fundamental in my escaping the situation i was in. bill: something you can do in one session. >> what i did you can do after ten minutes. there are more complicated moves. >> a connecticut man was visiting his son in brooklyn a very strange encounter with one of our lovely new
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york city guys. he pulled out his cell phone to take a video. the guy jumped up and took a picture with his phone and take a selfie. >> the man proved this happened. it is just another thing that shows the humanlike qualities of our city rats. >> i was greeted by the head cloud. >> you are helping me. all right. >> a little bit.
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day breakfast menu. once, you changed how you ate breakfast. it's time to start changing when. >> four months ago i thought it would be a good idea to run a marathon. i signed up and ran 26.2 miles. it took about five hours. >> that is pretty good. bill: jim gerhardt will not
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airwaves. i will beyond six to ten every day. thanks. >> i am really year. it is a dream come true. i got wind that it was in town. greeted by the head clown. >> i have the whole list right here. >> he is not the ringleader. the head clown. he did have some advice for you. >> a ringmaster. it is all about bringing people.
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>> fair to say. >> yes, he is. >> thank you so much. >> moving on. >> rings on my arm. >> concentration. he lost. >> a little bit. >> you should be. >> a little crazy. >> time to move on to the real stuff.
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story. >> thank you, everybody. >> ten at once. i would love for you to try that at home. actually, don't. this is the grand finale. show me how to wrap these around my arms. >> were you worried about letting go? >> we are chasers year. you can't be worried about letting go. we did not get to see animals. all rescued from local shelters. they all go to keep it afloat. it is all nonprofit. they get visits from visiting clown doctors. the tri-state area hospital.
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head on up to the upper west side. bill: my take away is, i'm the head clown. bill: you are chasing the presidential race in 2016. i no thati know that you have got a candidate. is it hillary, trump? >> definitely not hillary. >> i love that reaction. >> voters are craving knew faces. a new jersey local running as an independent candidate. you mayyou may not recognize his name but you will likely be familiar with his string of restaurants. great food with your health in mind and now he is carrying that motto over to
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bill: let's jump into it. >> the biggest issue we face ,. bill: does he support the 1st ladies program? >> it is way bigger than that. broccoli, you know, you have to lead the way. >> none of the healthcare will work when it is bankrupt. the burden is not's. bill: some sort of mandatory health program? >> i think it is about education. so many things that are healthcare system already does. given.
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coming in. >> zero, yeah. get involved. bill: who is this guy? >> there she is. paid a visit to new jersey manufacturing insurance company. so clutch. three goals against japan in the finals. >> what is it like to have that day and challenge yourself going forward? >> a little old. never have enough gold medals. >> that is bad news for
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new jersey manufacturers. the world champions. pay your dues, watch her attitude. >> the veteran. when we get out of the mindset, expecting to play immediately. >> just might be the best player on the world. the woman is a beast. bill: i'm not interested in soccer. >> the reason why the
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performing amazingly. cannot really compete. >> wants to compete into more olympics. bill: one more. >> that was bound to happen. bill: the statue of liberty
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